After a loss

The loss of a spouse is one of life's most difficult times. Anger, guilt, fear, the sense of being overwhelmed or disconnected can all be experienced in the aftermath of a spouse's death. Some decisions do need to be made but this can be a time of extreme vulnerability and is seldom a good time to make big decisions. Many times, well meaning friends or family members may offer advice on living arrangements, financial issues, investment strategies and while they often mean well, we suggest putting off any major decisions until you've had time to adjust to your new normal. This adjustment is different for everyone but we advise recent widows and widowers to put off making any major decisions for at least a few months or until you are able to assess your resources and goals. 

We have the experience to guide you through this difficult process by focusing on 3 stages that we feel affect most of those folks experiencing widowhood. 

Initially, we can offer assistance in helping to focus on what we call "Financial Triage" . Focusing on your immediate cash flow needs, filing for any benefits and helping to settle any estate or taxation issues. 

When you're ready, we move to general planning and issues such as cash flow analysis, investments, tax planning, housing options and long term care and estate planning. 

As your new life evolves, we can help with retirement income,  advanced estate planning, charitable gifting, family issues and future aspirations. 

We recognize that this process is different for everyone but having experienced, fiduciary advisors to guide you will help you make sound decisions that make sense for you now and as your new life evolves.